Standing on your own feet

Standing on your own feet

„Perspektive Arbeit“ (“Job Perspective“) is a project that helps women who experienced violence.
We help them find work and thereby become independent.

We advise and support free of charge in

  • Searching for and deciding on a suitable job
  • Looking for a workplace
  • Writing job applications and CVs
  • Looking for a solution in difficult life situations
  • Looking for suitable education and advanced training
  • Securing your livelihood through work
  • Helping with administrative formalities
  • Working situations that are not explicitly regulated or unclear

We support women over the age of 15 years

  • Who are in touch with the Gewaltschutzzentrum OÖ or one of the women’s shelters in Upper Austria
  • That have a right of unlimited residence and a working permit for Austria
  • Whose principal residence is in Austria
  • Who receive unemployment benefit, emergency benefit, child care benefit, social assistance (bedarfsorientierte Mindestsicherung) and are without income that ensures living wages
  • Who could lose their job due to their personal affliction with violence